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Greencastle, Inc. is a Southwest Florida custom home builder focusing on hurricane-resistant, super energy efficient, Green building practices. We strongly encourage the use of Energy Star appliances, Impact resistant glass, sustainable construction methods, recyclable products, and especially I.C.F. (Insulating Concrete Forms) exterior wall construction. The end result - A house that uses a fraction of the energy of a conventionally built house, offers unsurpassed security, and comfort that speaks for itself, quietly.



International green building consultant Paul Shahriari speaks about how Greencastle was the right fit for him.

This house over the 30-year mortgage will save my family about $400,000 in expenses.
— International green building consultant, Paul Shahriari

July 10th, 2007

Dear Shawn,

We just passed the one year anniversary for the ground breaking of our new house. And also the six months' anniversary of moving in. Every day, we marvel at how quickly you made this house materialize. To go from a vacant lot to an inhabitable home in six months (and during the rainy season too) seems like a miracle. But we know the real miracle was how you foresaw every eventuality and planned ahead to make things go smoothly.

Building a house, especially one's dream home, can be stressful and full of opportunities for disappointment. That never happened on this project, and we give you the credit for that. Your willingness to work with us when we wanted to make changes, and to offer options instead of dictating to us, made us feel like partners in the creative process.

Now that we have lived in the house for six months, we are more and more pleased. It lives well, something you can't know from looking at plans. And the IFC construction gives us a quiet, energy-efficient, strong home that we are extremely proud of.

So, Shawn, thank you. Not only for the house, but for the experience of making a dream come true.

Sandra & Frank

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October 20, 2010

It has been a pleasure working with Shawn and Greencastle on our home. Since I am a green building consultant and have worked on projects around the world, it was important to me and my wife Sybil to find the right builder for our home. Since we were going to share our entire experience through a website,, we needed to make sure that our builder was on board 100%. We spent several months interviewing over 15 local builders and Greencastle keep coming up as the most knowledgeable team around.

Since our project was a major remodel of an existing 1968 ranch style house, we needed a builder that was flexible and understanding of the situations that would likely arise. Plenty of situations arose and Shawn was always ready for those challenges. Green building is the best way to build a house that your family will enjoy for decades to come. Shawn and Greencastle is the team that my wife Sybil and I have trusted with the most important investment of our lives and I think you would be making a good decision by choosing Greencastle as your builder too.

Paul & Sybil

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