Full of Life at a Great Price

Greencastle proudly introduces our new line of premium homes for 21st century living. Not too big, not too small, but just right. The “elegant solution” to modern living, is currently available in three styles. MicroHomes are capable of reducing your electric bill to pocket change with your help. And, hurricane resistance is built right in, along with peace and quiet.

This “right-sized” approach means a small footprint resulting in a spacious yard with enough room for backyard destinations, a pool or garden and real trees. A second floor allows access to gentle breezes, sunset views, and a higher floor in the event of a storm. And these well built homes need less dusting!

Please call today to learn more at 239-772-9576.

  • Unique and stylish design you won't see anywhere else
  • Green construction, sleep well by doing the right thing
  • 3,000 watt Solar electric system tied into the grid (Think of it as Sunlight powered Air Conditioning)
  • Solar water heating w/automatic backup (Hot water courtesy of the sun)
  • Open floor plan for entertaining
  • Huge 450 sq ft roof deck for a room with a view
  • Low-E windows to fend off the Florida sun and protect the interior from fading
  • Lighting Control System, set the scene with the flick of a switch
  • Healthy Indoor Air Quality, from a built-in HEPA filtration system
  • Wood floors, for easy cleaning and healthy air
  • Pneumatic Elevator (optional,) Jetson's cool and energy efficient
  • Icynene insulation for even greater energy efficiency and healthy air
  • Impact rated doors and windows for Hurricanes, everyday security, and peace and quiet
  • Near Net-Zero energy use, (sorta like a solar powered calculator) add up the savings
  • Metal roof for hurricane resistance, energy efficiency, and durability
  • LED lighting because they are super energy efficient, dimmable and last practically forever
  • and much, much more..... we can't wait to tell you!