Zero-Dollar Energy Bills & Net-Zero - A net-zero home produces as much electric as it uses an on annual basis. This means that some months the system makes a surplus, while other months it produces less than is needed. The end result is zero.

Super Energy Efficient - 
There is more to making a home green than low flow toilets and special light bulbs. Where there is more, we take it a step further and offer high performance - green backed by science and incorporated into a future-minded holistic approach.

Storm Proof - What happens when you build with the strongest materials, put them together in a way that they compliment each other and create a synergistic relationship? A sum greater than the parts. Picture this: All your neighbors are flocking to the home improvement store to buy protective patches for their house. They're dealing with the sun beating down on them while they sit in traffic thinking about the impending storm, only to finally get to where they need to go and find lines out the door. Meanwhile... you are on your patio enjoying the warm glow from the heat your friends and neighbors are enduring yet, in the shade, protected, safe, comfortable, and calm. You know about the storm, but you don't need to do anything to your home to prepare. You take a sip of your lemonade and continue enjoying your afternoon!

Healthy Indoor Air Quality - We take many steps to ensure your air quality is top notch, here is part of our equation:No fiberglass in your attic + No fiberglass exposed to air conditioned space + High performance envelope = healthy indoor air quality

Building Science Based Approach - Building science is a field that is taken seriously by Greencastle. In your second largest purchase, would you buy a vehicle from someone who doesn't look at the science behind your car? 

High Performance Envelope - You've heard that dust accumulates from all sorts of fine particles. Have you ever noticed that the dust in your home accumulates even when you go on vacation? That doesn't make sense... until you look a little closer. Typical homes have gaping cracks and sieve-like leaks around windows, doors, openings of all sorts, and the air flow is not accounted for. We take a multi-pronged approach by insulating all these problem locations and then further engineering an air flow that creates a slightly positive pressure on the inside of your home so that all the microscopic openings we didn't happen to find, are pushing out dust. How nice would it be to dust twice a year?

Crack Resistant Concrete Slabs - We use a unique material to make sure that your concrete slabs don't end up with ugly looking cracks and perform to the utmost.

Low Cost of Living - With a Greencastle home you will have significantly lower utility bills, lower repair costs, and will have to put in less effort to simply enjoy your home.

True Custom Not Predesigned - Unlike many builders, we don't have a few floor plans and a few elevations to look at before you customize what is already designed. We start from the ground up and offer a true custom home to fit how you desire it to be. 

Higher Resale Value - A Greencastle home is built to code, and then beyond. We don't believe that future building standards will stay the same or get less demanding, we believe they will continue to rise. So why continue to build with the past? Why not be a leader in helping to move things forward?

Predictably Low Electric Bills - The payoff is real. You won't be getting surprise after surprise from your energy company. Peace of mind can indeed be had.